Friday, November 13, 2009

Today's Temple Bell Tower Cipher

In case you live under a rock, every Friday Temple students gather at the Bell Tower outside Paley Library to rap, sing, dance, play instruments, or anything else your soul desires. They call it the Freestyle Friday ciphers. These guys are real motivated cats, many are making music all over the place.

With so many people in the cipher, it becomes difficult to track down every MC that comes to the cipher and find out what other music they are producing. The Turbo Times wants to change that... so here's the beginning of an attempt to centralize the work of those musicians.

Verbatum Jones frequently updates his twitter with his music.

Next to Verbatum in the videos is Aime, who's music I still haven't found online yet, but he is featured on a song with Verbatum called "Lazy Afternoon" on Jones' myspace.

Mic Stewart's band GuerillaFunk has been playing gigs around Temple a lot recently. They've been hitting up house parties and shows at Maxis.

DJ B Free posts his beats for others to use on his Facebook page.

There are rappers who frequent the ciphers who aren't in the videos posted here.
A lot of the people missing from the November video are on this video from last March.

EMC Karma hustles his CDs and tickets to concerts to make a living when he's not stuck at work, he's a truly independent musician. Here is some of his music at his myspace.

Lee G and Delon create an interesting duo. Delon mostly makes beats but his surreal half-rap half-poetry style is always a favorite when he makes an appearance. I really regret the fact that I haven't made it to one of Lee G's backyard bashes yet. Anyways, their website is right here.

Faze Two plays guitar in GuerillaFunk and is a truth-telling cipher regular. He's also got a group called the Dead End Kids.
The Alien Architect rocked the second half of the cipher today with a guitar in hand but didn't get any face time for the camera. His music is here.

That's all I've got for now... don't feel offended if I didn't feature you in this article, email me at or contact me any other way you can if you want your music on full display.