Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bob The Sound Guy: Listen and Learn

Bob "Bob The Sound Guy" Ranalli is a man to whom I owe a large amount of my musical beginnings. He ran sound for the majority of my gigs with The Jackalopes and when Bob ran the boards, we knew we were going to sound good. He apprenticed under his father who started Ranalli's Music Service in Philadelphia in 1959 which would eventually become Noteworthy Music in Gettysburg, PA. The majority of my musical instrument repairs have come from the "master instrument repairman" himself or his many talented employees, some of whom taught me some of my first guitar lessons. His store is the definitive epicenter for Gettysburg musicians.

Anyways, I highly recommend following his website, His knowledge of everything from live sound to instrument repair to recording equipment will be a valued asset to any musician attempting to find their way to their musical objectives.