Sunday, January 3, 2010

Megan Alder Releases Makes No Show

Megan Alder, my fellow former bandmate in The Jackalopes and a good friend of mine has launched her site containing her entire discography on Bandcamp. Over the summer she gave me material to use in my first experiment with my recording equipment. She let me record demos of songs for Make No Show. When explaining the concept behind the song, she explained to me that many of her songs are inspired by her experiences which play in her head like scenes from a movie. Despite some of the strong emotions connected with these songs and the difficulty of letting go of those feelings, she is "too fair to even blame" the subjects of her songs and she stays above the drama by trying to "make no show."

<a href="">Make No Show by Megan Alder</a>

While there are numerous pops and clicks that come from the failures of my equipment, the demos give you hints into what has already happened in Megan's life and show you the potential of what these songs could become. I think it shows character that she has released these songs despite the flaws in the recordings. Rather than creating a picture perfect image to fans, she is allowing others to see the true essence of her recordings: the stories of her life.
Megan's website includes an album of songs she recorded in 2007 before she left for Italy as a foreign-exchange student during her senior year of high school. Many of the songs on Make No Show were written during Megan's time overseas.
<a href="">Fuss by Megan Alder</a>
Her discography also includes an five song EP that she recorded in 2006 with longtime collaborator, Holly Keene. Both Holly and Megan used to spend a lot of time with The Speak Easy back in the day and I will always consider both of them part of our family of Gettysburg musicians.
<a href="">Busy by Megan Alder</a>