Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jimmy Heath's "I Walked With Giants" Discussion With Bob Perkins

Jimmy Heath Discusses His Life With Bob Perkins from Andrew Small on Vimeo.
My camera gave out at the very end of the talk... here's a few extra quotes from the end of the session.

On modern music: "The kind of music I listen to is love music... it don't matter where it comes from. I don't like music that's angry and loud but I do like a lot of modern music. I'll even get into some rap, I like Ludacris. But I like harmony, melody and a lot of rap is just talking over a beat, not as musical as I like sometimes."

On creativity: "Everybody wants to copy. No one wants to be original...Media bombards you with junk."

On the significance of jazz: "We don't want our history to be a mystery. I'm as American as anybody. Jazz music is the classical music of America."

On racism: "We are still at the hands of racists. I still can't figure out why people make such a big deal about the color of someone's skin."

On Michael Jackson: "My daughter asked Michael Jackson for an autograph while we were on vacation at the beach, this was when he was still in the Jackson 5 and the first thing he asked me was 'Are you a musician?' and I thought 'damn how'd this kid get this perception?'"

On the egos of jazz musicians: "We don't need any more Ego Stravinsky's, not Igor Stravinsky's but EGO Stravinsky's"