Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sollenbergers Father and Son: Manpower

After the Gettysburg Fringe Festival, I attended a house show of my former bandmates' Caton Sollenberger and Peter Wolfe along with their drummer Peter Sorenson. The group is tentatively called Manpower after someone told them they were going to need some "manpower" to move all their equipment from a show.

Last week, Caton's father, Neil Sollenberger, performed at the Herr's Tavern Sharpshooters Grille Deck with Shannon Turley Bigham.

Caton began learning guitar with his father's guidance an early age. I remember Caton playing guitar across the street from my house on Stevens Street back when his mom lived on Stratton Street in Gettysburg. It was one of strongest motivations for mepicking up the guitar. In The Jackalopes, I learned the majority of my cover song repertoire following Caton's lead as we practiced for hours in his dad's basement. Caton will be attending Berklee School of Music in Boston this fall.