Monday, July 19, 2010

Summertime Singles and CDs

I think that CD reviews are pretty useless these days now that music is so accessible to listeners and personal for musicians but I can vouche for the fact that you'll find something new to listen to from this list of summertime releases from musicians in Gettysburg and Philadelphia. Some these albums are fresh out, some of them artists have given me a while back but I haven't had the chance to sort through to show you.

Burg City - 2 State Connection (mixtape)
 I bought a copy of Burg City's 2 State Connection at the Gettysburg Fireman's Carnival from Theo Guillory, who has a guest spot on the album on the track, "Kushanomics," under the stage name Twitch. 

 The album also features Solomon Pade from The Nothing, whose show at The Ragged Edge in Gettysburg I covered last November.

Here's Burg City's first music video from the mixtape:


boog- The Walking Club (album)
Kyle Simmons aka "boog" is a friend of mine from the dorms of 1300 on Temple's campus and Ryan Eckes' English class, Time in Literature (side note: Eckes has a poetry blog called Old News that is worth checking out here). The concept behind boog's The Walking Club was to create "a collection of songs focused on bringing to light the invasive quality of media technology in the modern day, using a rather dated vernacular of the past." Simmons' self-produced studio skills show dramatic improvement since the release of his demo last November but his raw and rugged essence remains. Combine boog's new ability to manipulate textures and tones with a voice that Cary Ann Hearst described as " "[Bob] Dylan, if he was a pirate" and you've got an 8-track recording that's ready to take on the modern era. boog is organizing an ambitious tour around the United States this fall, stay tuned in to find out if he's coming near you. As you've seen here before, he's worth hearing live.

Brittany Ann - The Good In That (single)

boog's live shows in Philadelphia have occasionally paired with Brittany Ann Tranbaugh. Here's a video of Brittany performing on Juliana Peluso's Under The Radar radio show at Temple. I covered her show at Peluso's house this March in the post "North Philadelphia Folks Hard."

Brittany released her latest track, "The Good In That," on her Facebook fan page.

Capo - The Sitdown
Capo is an MC hailing from South Philly that attends Temple's Freestyle Friday cipher frequently and gave me a copy of his last album, The Sitdown. He's got a new album coming out soon according to his Facebook page, where you can hear The Sitdown.

Verbatum Jones - FrEND (single)
Verbatum is another MC who frequents the Temple cipher. He just recently released this single, "FrEND."

Chocolate Milk - Drink Up Life (album)

Chocolate Milk is a hip hop band of rising sophomores at Temple University. The video below features their song "Red Delicious" from the Haiti Earthquake Relief benefit concert with GuerillaFunk I covered this past February. Here's a recent Temple News feature on their group. 

Philadelphia Slick - Oil (album)

Philadelphia Slick is a hip hop band with horns. I got a free copy of their album at the Boxcar Children's Christmas show last year. They have a new EP out called Everything's Game as well as Oil that can be purchased on their website.