Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Speak Easy and Manpower Perform at Ben's Barn (Gettysburg's Ghost Grotto)

Manpower and The Speak Easy threw a show in the barn on Friday, August 7, 2010.

 The Speak Easy opened for Manpower around 9:40 PM... here's the video of our entire set.

Manpower consists of Caton Sollenberger (guitar/vocals), Mark Price (guitar), Peter Wolfe (bass), and Pete Sorensen (drums).

Above is a playlist of video clips of Manpower's set which went from around 10:30 PM to midnight until the state police showed up and warned us to keep it down after some noise complaints.

The slide on the side of the barn would have made a great escape route.

The Speak Easy went on break this week from our almost daily practice schedule but we'll be recording part of our upcoming album this week once Alex returns from Mexico.

Our album from this summer is titled How The East Was Lost