Friday, February 24, 2012

Workweek Audiotopia

Here's my latest idea for an Audiotopia/dystopia:

Every day of the work week will have an assigned key signature. Sirens, whistles, car horns and hums, trains, buses and other noises in the city all must adhere to this noise ordinance to maintain harmony.

Throughout the week, a logical progression of key changes will be enforced daily to raise the feeling of action as the exhausting workweek goes on. The week will ascend in key while transposing properly to minor keys on rainy days.

To prevent depression, everyone has government-issued noise-canceling headphones to opt-out of the day's mandated ambience music.

Starting Friday afternoon through Saturday evening, strict silence will be enforced for all noise makers involved in the week's ambience. Everyone is allowed to listen to whatever music they wish, wherever they wish, as loudly as they wish.

Still haven't worked how to make the transition from the freedom of the weekend to the strict key code again but I think it might have something to do with soma.

Join me and we can rule the world!